Welcome to Paradox Team Family

Play and Enjoy because We care your Comfort, making Real the Impossibles

- About Us

Hi folks, maybe some of you know us. We are a CS 1.6 family, community, group and team working to do your gaming experience an unique and unforgetable moment. All simple, practical and funny!
Supported by a qualified staff you will enjoy all features, get a try, compare it with your previous experiences, there is no equal
Attentively: GunGameR, Damon & Sarah.

Virtual Shop System

- What is this and how can i use it?

This is one of our unique features, amazing simple and fast. It is a Shop where you'll be able to buy items (like get m4 each round, gain hp per kill) and skins (like Asiimov Awp, Frontside Misty AK) using pDx Coins.
There are 2 ways to use it, via InGame (only Steamers or people that use pDx Client) using the chat command "/shop" or via WebForums (this includes non-steamers) linking the SteamID (STEAM_0:X:XXXXXXXX) to an account profile of forums. The buys are inmmediatly delivered to the personal inventory of user and available in real to use enabling or disabling the item/skin in real time.
To earn pDx Coins there are 2 ways too: Playing in servers and gaining coins by each kill/defuse/plant or Donating for purchase ammounts of them.

Our Features

GSP Anticheat

Server sided featuring: AntiWall, AntiAimbot, Anti SteamId Spoofer, No Exploits.

Servers +3000 FPS

HLDS Cusstomized performing the smoothest run you played

Perfect Bullet Reg

Bullet Accuracy and Register bugs corrected, gameplay like LAN

pDx Coins System

Earn coins playing and buy powers/skins in Virtual Shop

Virtual Shop

In-Game and ViaWeb shopping system never seen before, allows you to buy powers/skins to use in every server at real time using your pDx Coins

HLStatsX Rank

The perfect complement for competitive Stats, all servers interconnected

Social Networks!